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Redefining the standard in property across Australia.

Emerging in 2007, REVELOP has achieved years of unrivalled success. A passion for property, perceptive market approaches and unmatched expertise has seen the transformation of bare earth sites into outstanding properties in the residential, retail, and commercial sectors.

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Property Portfolio

Committed to delivering on every project, REVELOP’s continual efforts to drive forward in a highly competitive industry and turbulent economy have led to impressive rewards. With experience and expertise, insights leading to excellence, and a rich portfolio of successful projects, REVELOP has risen to become a leader at the forefront of Australian property development.

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REVELOP has an active portfolio of modern, urban development and redevelopment projects Australia. Our development strategy reflects a drive to create innovative, sustainable facilities, workplaces, and residential communities to meet the needs of the precincts and communities in which they are located.

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REVELOP is an independent, privately-owned property development company specialising in commercial properties and leading the retail development landscape across Australia.

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